Rules/Terms of use

Rules/Terms of Use

PicPaste is a free service which enables users to publish pictures. To use this service, no account/registration is needed, just a web browser (like Firefox) to upload the pictures. PicPaste is located in Germany, so German law applies.

Pictures: Pictures which are uploaded to PicPaste must comply with the following rules:

1. Rights
You must have the publishing rights for a picture (§ 2 UrhG).

2. People shown
According to German law, every person shown on the picture must agree the publication of this picture (§ 22 Satz 1 Kunsturheberrechtsgesetz (KUG/KunstUrhG)). This means, if people shown on the picture don't agree to the publication, you don't have the right to publish this picture.

3. Content of pictures
Content, which is liable to prosecution according to German law will be deleted and reported immediately after knowledge.
This includes:
- acts of violence, e.g. rape (§ 184a Halbsatz 1 Alternative 1 StGB)
- acts of sexuality with animals (§ 184a Halbsatz 1 Alternative 2 StGB)
- acts of sexuality with children (childporn according to §184b StGB)
- forbidden extremist symbols (§ 86 StGB)

4. Public Pictures: - currently disabled
Pictures which are marked as "public" may not contain any nudism at all, including no bikinis or lingerie (Rules of protection of minors § 184 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 & 2 StGB and § 4 JMStV)

5. "Spamming":
If a picture is uploaded multiple times, especially public pictures, the operator may delete all of them.
Storetime: Every user can specify how long a picture will be stored on PicPaste. The user can choose between 30 minutes and "forever". Forever means, a picture will be stored as long as it will be watched once every two weeks.
Delete: Every picture gets a delete link which will be shown after upload. This link allows the user to delete his picture.
Availability: The user has no claims for availability of PicPaste. The operator may shut down this service at any time or interrupt the service (maintenance).
Users responsibility: The user is bound to respect and follow the rules and has to take care not to break the law when publishing a picture or a link to a picture.
Blocked users: The operator may block a user at any time. This means the IP of the user will be blocked. Normally, the blocking will be removed after 24 hours.
Use of anonymizer services: Access to the PicPaste Uploadfunction is denied for users who access PicPaste via. anonymizer like TOR. The operator may block suspicious IPs on a long term base.
Logged data: The operator logs for every picture the date, time, IP and maybe other metadata of the user which uploads a picture. The data will be stored as long as a picture is online on PicPaste, after that, the data will be deleted within 30 days.

last change: 10/2010